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Secret Sunrise Training

We have two primary journeys through our Training Path.

1. The FACILITATE journey

This will take you deep into yourself, unlock your potential and transform you into a facilitator ready to host joy sessions. This training follows our Journey To The Sun Program™ and is designed to help you unleash joy in and around you. Step into the power of your own self with our:

L1 : Unleash Yourself program

L2: Unleash Others program

L3: Fully Unleashed program

Our JOURNEY TO THE SUN ™ program was created for your transformation to joy. We don't believe in creating facilitators, we believe in helping you to unleash the joy that exists inside you.

2. The IGNITE program

Is designed to give you the confidence to grow your own joy community.  You will become a licensed Ambassador for Secret Sunrise with the ability to grow and subfranchise Secret Sunrise on your own. Whether you are based in a town, a city, a village, or are on the move, this program will teach you the skills to draw facilitators to yourself and grow an entire community of participants, corporates, facilitators and retreats. With Empowerment at the heart of this program, you will learn how to acquire Secret Sunrise headsets, the latest technology that ambassadors are using around the globe, how to choose venues, how to market yourself and how to host Secret Sunrise events and joy sessions. This course will help you manifest joy in the communities you are in.


Once you have completed one of the above trainings, you will have access to boosts. See more on them here.

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