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What is the

ignite training?

This special training is designed to help you share joy in your city! It will equip you to grow a community of Joy enthusiasts and to create a business or product that can enrich your income. Being rich to us means living in joy and having financial abundance... so Ignite your life with years of joy sharing learnings from the Secret Sunrise community.

What does it mean
to be an Ignite Member? 

It means to be a part of the Secret Sunrise community who is actively focused on hosting joy sessions and dances around the world. In your region, town, city or jungle - Share Your Joy! You are an atmosphere changer - someone who has the power to shift people and communities to joy state, and we are equipping you as a member to be the space where people can enter your playground, and experience joy. As a member you will be equipped with the knowledge, digital assets, connection circles with other Ignitors, chat groups, and all the digital and physical tools to bring Secret Sunrise sessions to life - for you, your friends, your family, the public, the corporate space - wherever you like.

If you haven't yet done the prerequisite *Level 1 Unleash Yourself* Facilitator training...

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